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Stages of communication from the early stage to present state

In the early time the only means of communication were by means of messenger. A messenger has to travelled long and wide just to delivered a small piece of information.It was risky, tiredsome and time consuming. He could get killed on the way by wild animals or enemies; a confidential information could be looted, the information he carried might not reached, It couldn't be guaranteed.

So what did the wise man do?

Those days were the time when human being and animals were co-operative and friendly.They don't have to fear each other. They were living under one motive- to live. As man-messenger cannot be considered anymore, they introduced a bird messenger (in the form of pigeon). In those days pigeon were wise as man. They even need special training . They strictly followed master's command and advice. Thus, they were used as the most innovative mode of far-communication. It was much faster, secured than previous one. This mode of communication had been used for many generations until the arrival of the era of new civilization. Man become wiser and wiser. They discovered many unexpected resources. They invented tools and machines which would help them ease their day-to-day life and activities. And the fact is that the introduction of fire happened to be the most important resource for the generations and the generations to come. As they become wiser and wiser, they were keen on developing and inventing and looks forward for rapid development. During such time was the invention of telegram, then comes telephone, invented by Alexander Grahambell. Today telephone is still widely used around the globe. The reason being it gives the real time voice to voice communication. However, this isn't the ultimate development man has sought ever. They continued thriving on more achievement . The latest and being widely used is the email service. This service proved to be the most beneficial mode of communication since information is communicated at instant and anywhere , anytime , any corner around the globe. This service gives a boost to all sections of the society; business, governance, scientific, economics, political, social and individuals, etc.. Let me skip about the mobile phone technology and end my story here. 

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