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Hello friends

Hello friend , how are you today? I hope you enjoy the weather whichever part of the world you are.
Enjoy your day, your work , your life and your relationship. Be kind and sympathetic to someone who deserves it because we're here to live , to love and to share. After all we are all human being living under one sky. To me, I don't see differences in human being, which everyone believed. I don't differentiates race , culture, tradition , countries, boundaries or territories....
I'm not finished . To be continue..

Get temporary email address

There are times and many a times you wish if you have a temporary email address,which you don't wish to used for a longer time. Some of you might have never thought there can be solution. For instance, when you go to a forum ,a seminar or say an unknown person or a telemarketer.Wherever it may be, at some point it becomes mandatory for you to filled up your email id ,which is not merely important for you. You just don't want to revealed it..

For the sake of a worthless one-time communication you're taking the risk of revealing your email id. By doing so , it could be missused in number of ways. There have been cases happening out of this. To be mentioned, blackmailed, hacking your email account, your social networking account, etc..If not this, your inbox could be bombed with spams. This is true..
So , avoid every possible negative consequences today. Get your "temporary email address". Be secured. Following are the few sites that provide temporary email service.

....and many more
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