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Fuss in religion

There are different people of different types following different religions in the world.People follow different religion with different aspects of beliefs and faith. Each of religion adores and adopt its own religion,spread the good news of human love,respects and godliness among people. Everyone have belief and faith about their own religion.They have the belief and the confidence that the religion they follows is the TRUE one..In fact every religion teaches the way of truth and the relationship with God.

Unfortunately there are people who misled others in the name of religion.Religion has created so many problems ,envy ,enmity and hatred among one another.What  may be the reason??Yup everyone knows the answer.

Once i saw a link in my facebook wall,and when i go through it ,it was totally absurd seeing the descriptions and the comments about the topic "SCIENTIFIC PROOF OF JESUS CHRIST BECOMING HINDU AND HIS DEATH IN".Ufff :-( how can they itscientific proof..Hmm I thought to myself, "is this the real way to bring the unbeliever into the particular beliefs(ie religion)"?? No way this cannot be the way .And no religion teaches such a way. India is a secular states, Everyone has the right to follow in his/her own belief. And I hope no religion teaches "criticism".
I have also come across a hindu book ,"The Krishna conciousness". It is somewhat irkward and baseless .The contents of the book doesn't patch  up with the title. Once you read it and you'll know..It is not the way one teaches a religion.The book simply is all about criticizing Jesus Christ and His believers. Where is the krishna conciosness?? The book is all about criticism and comparision.Its all about childish mentality. I wanted to say to the author "What do you  know about JESUS"???

When you really think your religion is true and that your god is the true god ,then what is the used of talking about others."If you think you are true, then prove yourself you are true;Proving others false, cannot make you the TRUE".

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