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The smell of camellia oil in the air :

Although I am not a fan of sumo wrestling, I was told that they smell very sweet whenever you are near them. Since I have never been to a sumo match, I was fortunate to have crossed path with a few sumo wrestlers on their off training days in local cities and markets. I do agree; sumos do smell great. So what is that sweet smelling aroma? It is call tea seed oil (camellia oil) that sumo wrestlers use to style their hair in a top-knot Tokoyama tradition before a bout. In addition to sumo wrestlers, geisha use tea oil as well to smooth and condition their hair for many centuries.

Tea seed oil is cold-pressed mainly from the seeds of Camellia oleifera, Camellia sinensis or Camellia japonica. It is bottled up in a pale amber-green fixed oil with a sweet, herbal aroma. Tea seed oil resembles olive oil and grape seed oil enriched with vitamin E and is low in saturated fat. You would think tea oil is edible. Well, it is. If you ever eaten tempura, you have tasted tea seed oil. Among culinary uses, tea seed oil can be found in industrial such as manufacturing of soaps, paints, and lubricants.

What is in a hairstyle for sumo wrestlers? It is of great importance. The type of hairstyles worn for wrestlers are for ranking. There are two types: chonmage and oichomage. The latter style is only to be worn for top division wrestlers, while to first is for all wrestlers. Chonmage were first introduced in the Edo era and is favored by samurai. It was originally a method of using hair to hold a samurai's helmet steady during battles. In modern times, the status symbol carries on by sumo wrestlers.

About the Author: Ducsu is our is our regular contributor and co-author from Japan. He enjoy writing random articles based on his hobby, lifestyle and technology.  He is the Author and founder of which was established way back in 2006 . You can visit his website at or contact him at .                    

Maian Script World for Any Bloggers.

I've moved to Japan back in the end of 2008 after living in the states for many years. My wife, whose a Japanese decent, decided she wanted to move back to her hometown. It wasn't easy having to relocate my whole life from the states to a different country. Plans started in motion a year before we physically moved. We shipped what we could and sell what we couldn't bring or pack in a box. The most time consuming process was our 3 cats we have. It wasn't as simple as just placing them in individual cases and buy their plane tickets. Japan, as well as other countries, has regulations and procedures in bringing live stocks from aboard. One of which is blood test for each cats. Japan needed to make sure our cats are not a threat to their country as for as foreign diseases are concern. The blood work took over 8 months to process along with certain documentations.

Having that said, legal documents have to be filed for myself to be able to live and work in Japan legally if I were to stay in Japan for over 3 months. Strangely enough, one would thought the procedures and necessary documentations needed would be the same whether in Japan or in the states. In fact, it was much easier to file within the states as there were less documents required for proof of marriage and sponsorship. My intentions was to move first, than file the paper work when I settle in Japan. I chose the first so I don't run into problems.

When the smoke cleared and all bodies were accounted for, it was time for me to adjust to a new atmosphere and surroundings. Quickly I got bored as I had no friends to hang out with. Most of my free time, I'd stayed home. I couldn't even fly my R/C helicopters because where I live, there are no flatlands big enough. I needed to find another hobby fast before I commit suicide.

One way I past the time was to write a journey of myself living here. A splendid idea to let my family and friends back home know how I'm doing. I had a general idea of what i needed to do as far as creating a website and finding a hosting company to store my files. Being the person that I am, I wanted a challenge. I wanted to learn all there is to know about becoming a web developer. I searched the web, visited forum sites and dissected some php scripts to arouse my curiosity. Within 2 months, I have setup a home web server and created a couple of static sites for friends. My main goal was to create a personal weblog and write about my experiences while living in Japan in hopes that other foreigners could benefit from and more importantly let my family know that I'm doing well. This is how came about.

Granted there are many blogging system scripts available on the Internet. Some have many cool features for visitors to experience, however they may charge a fee or it maybe too complicated to implement or understand as far as coding is concern. My intention was to find a simple blogging system to learn, study, and later add features to it. I found Maian Script World while searching for such a script. What makes this site unique from the rest is that the developer offers his scripts for free to share on his own time. Every Scripts he offers are fully coded with documented instruction & explanation of each features. Furthermore, he also offers free support to anyone who have questions.

As mentioned above, Maian Weblog Script is a simple blogging system for anyone who doesn't need the complicated features which other scripts have usually for a nominal fee. Some of the highlighted features for weblog script includes selectable themes, choice of language pack (if available), admin login backend and more.

Moreover, Weblog is fairly easy to setup even for a beginner provided you read the documentation to understand the developer's intentions. Weblog is currently at Version 4, thus, most if not all issues have been ironed out. If you are comfortable, you may edit the script to add any features or tweak the code to your liking. The script is not encoded meaning all files are customizable. The sky's the limit. Be creative. The only line of codes you are not allow to edit is the footer with his back link. However, the back link can be remove if you choose to purchase a license. Enough said. Give Maian Weblog script a try if you haven't downloaded a copy. You have nothing to lose. Did I mention the script is also free? You can also View the frontEnd demo or the backend (admin) demo by clicking on the links.

About the Author: Ducsu is our is our regular contributor and co-author from Japan. He enjoy writing random articles based on his hobby, lifestyle and technology.  He is the Author and founder of which was established way back in 2006 . You can visit his website at or contact him at .


Advantages of google plus over facebook & other social networks.

Why would I recommend on Google plus, and leave Facebook ? reason :

My dear fellow , after careful examination and researched from the web and personal experienced, today let me discuss with you "why do I have to recommend on using google
                                                      plus over
Facebook" by discussing some uses and disadvantages. Most of you must have already known the differences and how it works. But there are still many of my friends who are unaware or much bothered about. Google is an internet giant, multi-platform based on search engine.While Facebook serves only as a social networking site (although a popular one). Google currently stands out to be most important internet resource for everyone in every field, in this internet world at present time. I would boldly say life without Google will be like life without air or oxygen. According Alexa, Google ranks 2 worldwide, next to Facebook. Google has indeed change our life and lifestyle. The team has been working and thriving constantly to stay ahead of all other internet resources. Facebook , as you know, it has only two strategies-1) Of course to connect people around. 2) Marketing is also another strategy. Well that sounds great!.

 Now , coming to it's (Facebook) real disadvantages please analyse the following few points.

1. Intrusion: There's no surprised that facebook is vulnerable to attacks with viruses and malwares. Several hackers are actively trolling over people's profile information on daily basis. There are certain examples of this and many of you might have noticed changed in your profile information or some dirty dirty pictures posted without your knowledge.

2. Scams and spams: Have you ever came across a fake website? Many hackers create similar websites like facebook. They also send emails like notification to people asking to check out new photos/ videos being uploaded by their friends in facebook.Thus when the user opens the link, the site exactly looks like facebook ,then he entered his username and password, not knowing that his account details is being stolen by the hacker. This tricks not only applies on facebook but also in other websites like banks and govt website.*So be careful while doing an online transaction.Make sure you type the correct URL,prefixed by https://  followed by site url.

3. Waste of time : I admit being a user, Facebook is very very addictive and one can become addictive very easily. I have few friends who used to spend on Facebook to almost 20 hours/day. It's just that once we are connected with friends, you realized how frequently you login your account, viewing others pictures , commenting and all stuff. But, in the end what did you really get from it. You only realised you have spend a good time sitting in front of your PC.

4. Personal privacy/insecurity: .Everyone wants to remained privacy from brothers, sisters, parents, some friends , boss or colleagues . We do not want to exposed personal information to some friends and particular group of people.In Facebook every individual updates and activities gets notified to everyone you are conected with. Of course, privacy settings can be maintain, but this seems quite complicated in Facebook. And so most people shrug off.

5. Ruining professional life: Well everyone has professional life, and ofcourse a facebook account(90%) . Often employers search their employees social networking profiles and their activities on the site. If you are applying for a new job, your chance of getting the job may reduced. May be you have put some naughty or humorous pictures on your profile, or might have put some wrong informations. The employers will be shocked to see all that stuff. Thus you'll be downgraded.

6. Jealousy : People say Facebook makes partner jealous. I don't how far is it true. But in my opinion, there are chances of developing jealousy among young partners. Lovers often get suspicious when their partners get hooked to the site. This are some common drawbacks. There are many more you must be knowing.
I will not discuss the merits of Facebook now. Because in my opinion everything is good if it is use in its proper way.

Uses and the advantages of Google+ Over other social networks; and the reason being why I recommend.

In the summer of 2011, Google launched Google+ and has been making Facebook competition . But what exactly are the advantages of Google+ ? Why should we take a closer look at this new social network?

1.Google behind : Google+ is the latest social network that promises to take over the world with new interface, simplicity and total Google integration.
Google plus has google behind it oviously , which makes communication integration simpler. All the contacts from Gmail, including our friends , colleagues and clients etc are already there and can be easily added to Google plus. There is also option to send your "wall updates and sharing" as email by simply checking the checkbox.

2. Faster and productive : Google plus is a lot faster. Facebook is now taking several seconds to load a page, each message and each photo. Business with Facebook just got slower by day . Everyone started getting rid of Facebook by passing days. Google plus is loading everything faster, and if the trends continue, all Google products gets faster by time, unlike Facebook.

3. Tough and strong: Google plus is tougher on abuse than facebook and you are more likely to get useful information and conversations on Google plus than Facebook.

4. Better spam control : Google plus has less harmful applications, spam not working. There are less fake profiles as well.

5. Circles : This is one of the best feature Google plus provides. Google plus users appreciate the Circle feature very much. Friends can be put into groups by just Checking/Unchecking on mouse hover; and the information being shared is targeted to the appropriate party. Grouping feature is also provided by Facebook, but creating such groups is much more complicated(works like a Page), which is the disadvantages for Facebook.

6. Better Privacy : Privacy is always becoming more important to social media users. Therefore users want to be able to share certain information with certain selected group of friends. Handling with these problems is very simple with Google plus. The particular of friends can excluded while sharing/ updating something.

7. Mail and Blogger(blogspot) : Another benefit is the networking of individual Google services. For example Google mail account or Blogger; the user has the ability to access the same and everything equally using Google plus.

8. Chat and Video : In comparision to facebook, chatting is even more easier and convenient. Google plus provides possibility for multiple users to communicate simultaneoudly with the so-called Hangout. This tool is much fascinated by youtube fans. During chat, a youtube video can be played and visible to all via this amazing tool.
Google Hangout: Facebook has recently rolled out a video chat feature, which everyone loves it. However, at this time Hangout seems to be the better option since this tool makes it possible to have a video call with upto 10 people at the same time.
Youtube is the largest video community in the internet world. It gives free access to everyone who has gmail account. And everyone can view and play it.

9. Picassa Album: Picassa is a free web album provided by Google .Presently it gives upto 1GB free of data storage, which is quite enough I should say. This very album can be connected via Google plus account and can be share the photos among G+ friends easily. Not only can you connect with the G+ , but also your album can be integrated to your website or blog as slide show or as gallery. This is cool isn't it?

10. Sparks :Another mind blowing feature is that Google plus offers a free subscription service fro delected articles using sparks. The user can choose which topics are interesting and accordingly Google plus adds relevant articles. These can then be shared with circles and discussed about it. This function is not only reserved for Google plus users , contact outside the network can also join the comversation.
There are many more services provided by Google which I did not mentioned. All these are equally and easily accessible through Google plus.

Oh! one more, the +1 button which many say mimics the like button. But the fact is , it is more than what so-called "facebook like". Voting up a link or article on google +1 will meant that you are sharing the article with all your followers and it will displayed publicly on your profile, allowing it to be voted up by your followers again and the possibility of going viral through consequent votes. This enhance the search results in google search for that particular topic, which automatically give a boost to the traffic for the website.

People are misstating the question  "Will G+ beat Facebook?". It's not about one site taking over another. Google+ has a better and greater role. The reason why Google calls it Google plus is that Google+ will become the central point of Google's whole identity.
So what do think you my friends? I'm lonely in G+ . Why don't you come and join me? Add me below. Hover your mouse over Add to circle. found a new home: A Ubuntu Server !!

Ubuntu Logo

I finally got around to installed Ubuntu server on my spare pc. I am done configuring the essential to have my web server up. Everything seems to be running fine and my test sites are viewable, including `Far From Home` blog. Over all I am happy with the install besides the little hiccups along the way. Coming from a Windows GUI base OS, I was a bit leery about using a Linux base box. The server is 100% cmd text and 0% GUI interface. What that meant for me was learning a new language all over again. I am grateful for the Internet. Finding answers and tutorials were just a click away.

Prior to Ubuntu, my web server was running on my personal computer. It is an intel Core 2 Duo processor. Not the fastest but it is great for my needs and the programs I and using. However, when I installed the web server on my Windows, I had several different clients and applications running in the background. It slowed my pc down quite a bit. I had to get it off or risk the life of my cpu. Since I had an extra mobo/cpu laying around, I figured I would use it.

Running a server doesn't require a high end processor. In fact, all I needed was a 300Mhz x86 processor, 128MB of RAM, 1GB disk space, a video card (640x480), and a CD Rom. My old P4 had all that and then some. When I got all my preparation done; I was ready to install it. I found this great tutorial on how to install Ubuntu server with added security. The process took about 2 hrs as predicted in the guide. Unfortunately, I had issues that I couldn't quite figured out until recently.

The server would run fine for a day or two and all of a sudden, it would crash and my cmd prompt would not function anymore. The screen would either froze or it would print out a never ending list of computer language that I could not understanding. A reboot would fix it for a short while, but the problem would come back. The first thought was maybe I had a corrupted copy of the CD. I downloaded another copy and reinstall the server. That wasn`t the case. My second thought was maybe the latest version had bugs on my particular computer. I downloaded a lower version of Ubuntu and begin the install again. Nope.

At this point, I was frustrated. Each of the install takes about 2 hours to install all my applications and uploading my test websites. This was becoming a pain in the butt. I was ready to throw in the towel and install Windows XP in its place. Windows has never failed me before. During the time of installing and reinstalling the server, I was searching for answers as to why my server was acting the way it was. I stumbled on an off topic thread and this poster mentioned about corrupted ram. A flashback purged through my mind at this point. I remembered this computer had an error message before about bad ram when I had Windows XP installed. Whenever I do a ram test, the test would just froze 15 minutes in. That maybe the cause of my problem.

Without even thinking any further, I remove one of the ram chips that I think was bad. Turned on the server and let it run. Two days have passed. No signs of freezing, locking up or random scripts running in the cmd text box. All seems to be running normal at this point. My server is golden.

All this troubleshooting lasted about a week and a half. It was a tiresome experience but ended with a positive result. I will be adding more features to the box as time goes by. Besides Apache, I would like to have a mail server and a VPN. I know it doesn't look much of a computer, but with my limited space area, I think it serves the purpose just fine.

Every since my server became live, I have been adding applications to serve my needs. It was pure exhaustion; nevertheless, I am thrilled to report my funky server is 95% completed. All is left is to fine tune the applications and beef up the security. Here is what I have added.

Mail Server This was a huge challenge.
Dependencies apps
UPnP Media Server

My server was overheating due to the space I have the server placed. The Japan summer and my dinky cpu fan just makes it worst. I have upgraded to this bigger fan. Much quieter and cooler now.

About the Author: This is a guest post article contributed by You can contact him on or visit
You too can participate in our guest post program , on any topic of your choice (Newbies are encouraged to take part).

10 things for a first time entrepreneur! by - How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-founded a Million Dollar Company.

Ten things for a first time entrepreneur!
 by -  How I Braved Anu Aunty and  Co-founded a Million Dollar Company.

The above line is a "Famous Book" that has beg a national best seller, recently published, and authored by Varun Agarwal, the co-founder of Almamater. His company is based in Bangalore. He is busy running his other two companies too. The said book, is all about his encouraging personal life story that led to the journey of his successful entrepreneurship.
And here , the below, is what he has to say to the young enthusiasts. Please go through...

  • Don't be an entrepreneur just for the heck of it. There's no point in getting into a business that everyone else is already doing. Like the the guy who wanted to get into the soft drink business but then he invented the straw.
  • Don't just start a company. Start a whole new industry. Remember Post-Its.
  • Never give up. The guy who started Victora's Secret sold his company and jumped off a bridge before it became Victoria's secret.
  • Don't be afraid. Ron Wayne was so afraid of starting a new company that he backed out of his partnership contract. He is now living on his pension. Oh I forgot to mention, the contract was for Apple Inc.
  • Good artists copy, great artist steal. The entire Macintosh idea was stolen from Xerox. and then Microsoft copied it from Apple.
  • Sell yourself shamelessly. Branson is probably more popular than his own company - Virgin.
  • Be creative . Very creative. There's this guy who took a circle, put a price tag on it , patented it and made billions. It was called the hoolahoop.
  • Dont wait. Jobs, Zuckeberg, Gates we're all billionaires before they were 25. You dont wanna wait to be 35, with a wife and 2 kids and then start a company.
  • Improvise and move along with the times. Nokia started as a rubber product company. Apple now  makes phones. And Microsoft, err, they'll probably be getting into home appliances soon.
  • Print your business card with a dummy company name and CEO written below. Distribute this among all your friends. After 6 months you better start your company or you'll be the laughing stock of the entire town. Micheal Dell did this when he was 16. One of you reading this must be probably working for him.
I don't know what you would think about this pretty advices, but as to me, it really encourages me. Thank you Varun. Keep shining . And I wish you a better and more achievements in your corporate career.

Varun Agarwal is 25 years old, a first-generation entrepreneur, film maker and author, and has 3 companies to his credit: Alma Mater, a memorabilia company for schools and colleges in India; Reticular, a Social Media Marketing Agency that has worked with some of India’s top brands, and Last Minute Films, an independent production company founded in 2008.

How are the police using gps and speed sensors to help with collision and accident investigations...??

This article was submitted by Jason at ArticleDashboard and I thought I have to share it with my people.

One of the most important activities of Road Policing occurs when there is a fatal or life-threatening road traffic collision on the network. In such instances, the Police are required to investigate the circumstances to the highest possible standard: a thorough investigation process is necessary to ensure that all the legal obligations are met, and that every last piece of evidence is efficiently gathered for any due criminal process that might follow. Generally the Police will have a limited time-frame in which to gather all the necessary evidence, as it is important to re-open the road network as soon as possible: however, there is a fine line to be drawn between re-opening carriageways for the convenience of the motorists, and ensuring that no piece of evidence is overlooked.

The Police use incident scene surveying equipment during collision investigations to collect comprehensive surveys of the scene, which can then be effectively used in all legal hearings, from Coroners and Criminal Courts to Civil Litigation Hearings. This equipment measures the angles between points using GPS and speed sensors: this data is then downloaded and converted into a scene diagram. GPS enabled equipment is especially useful as it is both quick to use and extremely accurate, thus avoiding the need for extensive road closures. Research has shown that the use of GPS and speed sensors at collision investigations can speed up survey times by as much as 5.6%.

GPS technology is constantly evolving: each innovation only serves to make crash and collision scene investigation ever more accurate. The latest range of GPS-enabled instruments to be adopted by Police Forces makes collision investigation simpler and quicker. These instruments are used for measuring and recording speed, deceleration, co-efficient-of-friction and Skid-to-Stop testing. A total of 18 of the Police Forces in England, Wales and Ireland now use these state-of-the-art instruments and more will no doubt follow.

The latest instruments offer several advantages over more traditional skid testers and decelerometers that have previously been used by Police Collision Investigators (PCIs). Because the next generation speed sensors with advanced GPS technology have Dual and Tri-axis accelerometers built-in, they are able to measure not just the vehicle Skid-to Stop and Road Friction co-efficient, but also vehicle accelerations to set speeds, between set speeds and also over-time and over-distances which are set by the user. The very latest technology incorporates many additional functions like forward and lateral acceleration measurement, instant viewing of the test results and a large data memory.

In addition to the standard braking and acceleration testing, some Police Forces are also using data acquisition models to undertake more complex testing functions, such as Air and Hydraulic Brake pressure recording on HGVs and LGVs to determine the effectiveness of the braking system. Up to 12 additional speed sensors may be connected to the latest models to allow data to be recorded simultaneously with the braking parameters.

Another important feature of the latest speed sensor technology is the Run Duration Protocol (RDP) function. Many deceleration testers measure the deceleration from a typical minus 0.2G falling trigger point, through to a rising minus 0.2G stop point. Unfortunately this will not give wholly accurate test results as the measurement should stop when the vehicle speed is zero, not the minus 0.2G rising point. This can leave a considerable room for error in the calculation of deceleration, speed and distance, because the data used was inaccurate. By using the RDP function, Police Collision Investigators can be confident that their test data is completely accurate, which is vitally important, should the case proceed to court.

A simple trick to reduced the size(kb) of a photo .

How to reduced the size of a photo without  effecting it's original quality.

A very short post but surely it would be very useful for you. Sometimes, there comes a neccessity where you have to reduced your size as small as 5kb . It is not only useful for this purpose, but by doing so , will save your hard disk space tremendously.

You might have heard or stumbled upon many softwares and online tools but surely not this one have you ever thought, if I'm not wrong :-)

The most easiest and most efficient way to reduced the photo size - is by uploading your photos through facebook. Unlike other social networking site, facebook allows to upload unlimited number of photos .I hope at least 90% of you must be using  this social networking site. 

All you need to do is create an account if you don't have one.
  • Go to your profile page/wall/timeline, then upload the photos .
  • After your photo(s) is/are successfully uploaded, just open/click the specific photo to make it appear fullscreen/fullsize.
  • Download the photo by right click of your mouse, then Save As. Or just drag and drop it in your desktop (by using the mouse). This is simpler and faster.
  • Now check your downloaded photo to see the miracle that just happened, which have reduced the photo size upto 80%

Most important and useful Keyboard shortcuts !!!

Useful keyboard shortcuts..Please make use of it to save time and money.

Using keyboard shortcuts helps you to work faster and efficiently. This means that you don't have to keep your other hand busy handling the mouse all the time. Some of the most important shortcuts are listed below. Please make use of it. It will help you to work with ease and utmost efficiency without much handling the mouse.

  • ALT is used to point to the active window menus ( File, Edit, Tools, etc)
  • ALT + CTRL + DEL is used to show Windows task manager.
  • ALT + F4 is used to close the active window/program.
  • ALT + Tab is used to switch between the active items, tabs or sheets.
  • ALT + Print Screen is used to take a snapshot of the active screen.
  • ALT + Space + M is used to move the active window. (The Window should not be in maximized position).
  • ALT + Space + N is used to minimize the active window.
  • CTRL + A is used to select the all documents, text or items.
  • CTRL + B is used to make the text bold.
  • CTRL + C is used to copy the file/text.
  • CTRL + F is used to find a character/a word/a line in a document.
  • CTRL + P is used to Print a document.
  • CTRL + S is to save/save changes.
  • CTRL + I is used to write the text in italic mode.
  • CTRL + U is used to underline the text.
  • CTRL + V is used to paste the copied file/text.
  • CTRL + X is used to cut the file/text.
  • CTRL + Y is used for REDO (brings back what you undid by mistake).
  • CTRL + Z is used to undo the last command.
  • CTRL + Tab is used to switch between tabs in your browser . For example in your internet browser, you have opened lots of tabs & if you want to operate the tabs without the help of mouse then this shortcut is very useful.
  • CTRL + N is used to open/re-open the last/recently closed tabs of your browser. This is very useful when you accidentally closed a window/tab.
  • CTRL + Delete is used to delete the entire texts  instead of letter by letter.
  • F1 key is used to display the help window.
  • F3 key is used to search a file or folder.

  • Shift + Delete is used to permanently delete the selected item.
  • Shift + Home is used to select a whole line of texts , provided the cursor is at the end of the sentence to which you wanr to select.
  • Window + D is used to display the desktop.
  • Window + L is used to lock the keyboard.
  • Window + R is used to open the Run Dialog Box.
  • Window + U is used to open the utility manager.
  • Windows key + E is used to open MYCOMPUTER directly.
  • For mouse Right_Click using keyboard, use the KEY just next to right side CTRL key.
  • And many more missing shortcuts are there. If you know give a comment :-)

Stages of communication from the early stage to present state

In the early time the only means of communication were by means of messenger. A messenger has to travelled long and wide just to delivered a small piece of information.It was risky, tiredsome and time consuming. He could get killed on the way by wild animals or enemies; a confidential information could be looted, the information he carried might not reached, It couldn't be guaranteed.

So what did the wise man do?

Those days were the time when human being and animals were co-operative and friendly.They don't have to fear each other. They were living under one motive- to live. As man-messenger cannot be considered anymore, they introduced a bird messenger (in the form of pigeon). In those days pigeon were wise as man. They even need special training . They strictly followed master's command and advice. Thus, they were used as the most innovative mode of far-communication. It was much faster, secured than previous one. This mode of communication had been used for many generations until the arrival of the era of new civilization. Man become wiser and wiser. They discovered many unexpected resources. They invented tools and machines which would help them ease their day-to-day life and activities. And the fact is that the introduction of fire happened to be the most important resource for the generations and the generations to come. As they become wiser and wiser, they were keen on developing and inventing and looks forward for rapid development. During such time was the invention of telegram, then comes telephone, invented by Alexander Grahambell. Today telephone is still widely used around the globe. The reason being it gives the real time voice to voice communication. However, this isn't the ultimate development man has sought ever. They continued thriving on more achievement . The latest and being widely used is the email service. This service proved to be the most beneficial mode of communication since information is communicated at instant and anywhere , anytime , any corner around the globe. This service gives a boost to all sections of the society; business, governance, scientific, economics, political, social and individuals, etc.. Let me skip about the mobile phone technology and end my story here. 

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