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Advantages of google plus over facebook & other social networks.

Why would I recommend on Google plus, and leave Facebook ? reason :

My dear fellow , after careful examination and researched from the web and personal experienced, today let me discuss with you "why do I have to recommend on using google
                                                      plus over
Facebook" by discussing some uses and disadvantages. Most of you must have already known the differences and how it works. But there are still many of my friends who are unaware or much bothered about. Google is an internet giant, multi-platform based on search engine.While Facebook serves only as a social networking site (although a popular one). Google currently stands out to be most important internet resource for everyone in every field, in this internet world at present time. I would boldly say life without Google will be like life without air or oxygen. According Alexa, Google ranks 2 worldwide, next to Facebook. Google has indeed change our life and lifestyle. The team has been working and thriving constantly to stay ahead of all other internet resources. Facebook , as you know, it has only two strategies-1) Of course to connect people around. 2) Marketing is also another strategy. Well that sounds great!.

 Now , coming to it's (Facebook) real disadvantages please analyse the following few points.

1. Intrusion: There's no surprised that facebook is vulnerable to attacks with viruses and malwares. Several hackers are actively trolling over people's profile information on daily basis. There are certain examples of this and many of you might have noticed changed in your profile information or some dirty dirty pictures posted without your knowledge.

2. Scams and spams: Have you ever came across a fake website? Many hackers create similar websites like facebook. They also send emails like notification to people asking to check out new photos/ videos being uploaded by their friends in facebook.Thus when the user opens the link, the site exactly looks like facebook ,then he entered his username and password, not knowing that his account details is being stolen by the hacker. This tricks not only applies on facebook but also in other websites like banks and govt website.*So be careful while doing an online transaction.Make sure you type the correct URL,prefixed by https://  followed by site url.

3. Waste of time : I admit being a user, Facebook is very very addictive and one can become addictive very easily. I have few friends who used to spend on Facebook to almost 20 hours/day. It's just that once we are connected with friends, you realized how frequently you login your account, viewing others pictures , commenting and all stuff. But, in the end what did you really get from it. You only realised you have spend a good time sitting in front of your PC.

4. Personal privacy/insecurity: .Everyone wants to remained privacy from brothers, sisters, parents, some friends , boss or colleagues . We do not want to exposed personal information to some friends and particular group of people.In Facebook every individual updates and activities gets notified to everyone you are conected with. Of course, privacy settings can be maintain, but this seems quite complicated in Facebook. And so most people shrug off.

5. Ruining professional life: Well everyone has professional life, and ofcourse a facebook account(90%) . Often employers search their employees social networking profiles and their activities on the site. If you are applying for a new job, your chance of getting the job may reduced. May be you have put some naughty or humorous pictures on your profile, or might have put some wrong informations. The employers will be shocked to see all that stuff. Thus you'll be downgraded.

6. Jealousy : People say Facebook makes partner jealous. I don't how far is it true. But in my opinion, there are chances of developing jealousy among young partners. Lovers often get suspicious when their partners get hooked to the site. This are some common drawbacks. There are many more you must be knowing.
I will not discuss the merits of Facebook now. Because in my opinion everything is good if it is use in its proper way.

Uses and the advantages of Google+ Over other social networks; and the reason being why I recommend.

In the summer of 2011, Google launched Google+ and has been making Facebook competition . But what exactly are the advantages of Google+ ? Why should we take a closer look at this new social network?

1.Google behind : Google+ is the latest social network that promises to take over the world with new interface, simplicity and total Google integration.
Google plus has google behind it oviously , which makes communication integration simpler. All the contacts from Gmail, including our friends , colleagues and clients etc are already there and can be easily added to Google plus. There is also option to send your "wall updates and sharing" as email by simply checking the checkbox.

2. Faster and productive : Google plus is a lot faster. Facebook is now taking several seconds to load a page, each message and each photo. Business with Facebook just got slower by day . Everyone started getting rid of Facebook by passing days. Google plus is loading everything faster, and if the trends continue, all Google products gets faster by time, unlike Facebook.

3. Tough and strong: Google plus is tougher on abuse than facebook and you are more likely to get useful information and conversations on Google plus than Facebook.

4. Better spam control : Google plus has less harmful applications, spam not working. There are less fake profiles as well.

5. Circles : This is one of the best feature Google plus provides. Google plus users appreciate the Circle feature very much. Friends can be put into groups by just Checking/Unchecking on mouse hover; and the information being shared is targeted to the appropriate party. Grouping feature is also provided by Facebook, but creating such groups is much more complicated(works like a Page), which is the disadvantages for Facebook.

6. Better Privacy : Privacy is always becoming more important to social media users. Therefore users want to be able to share certain information with certain selected group of friends. Handling with these problems is very simple with Google plus. The particular of friends can excluded while sharing/ updating something.

7. Mail and Blogger(blogspot) : Another benefit is the networking of individual Google services. For example Google mail account or Blogger; the user has the ability to access the same and everything equally using Google plus.

8. Chat and Video : In comparision to facebook, chatting is even more easier and convenient. Google plus provides possibility for multiple users to communicate simultaneoudly with the so-called Hangout. This tool is much fascinated by youtube fans. During chat, a youtube video can be played and visible to all via this amazing tool.
Google Hangout: Facebook has recently rolled out a video chat feature, which everyone loves it. However, at this time Hangout seems to be the better option since this tool makes it possible to have a video call with upto 10 people at the same time.
Youtube is the largest video community in the internet world. It gives free access to everyone who has gmail account. And everyone can view and play it.

9. Picassa Album: Picassa is a free web album provided by Google .Presently it gives upto 1GB free of data storage, which is quite enough I should say. This very album can be connected via Google plus account and can be share the photos among G+ friends easily. Not only can you connect with the G+ , but also your album can be integrated to your website or blog as slide show or as gallery. This is cool isn't it?

10. Sparks :Another mind blowing feature is that Google plus offers a free subscription service fro delected articles using sparks. The user can choose which topics are interesting and accordingly Google plus adds relevant articles. These can then be shared with circles and discussed about it. This function is not only reserved for Google plus users , contact outside the network can also join the comversation.
There are many more services provided by Google which I did not mentioned. All these are equally and easily accessible through Google plus.

Oh! one more, the +1 button which many say mimics the like button. But the fact is , it is more than what so-called "facebook like". Voting up a link or article on google +1 will meant that you are sharing the article with all your followers and it will displayed publicly on your profile, allowing it to be voted up by your followers again and the possibility of going viral through consequent votes. This enhance the search results in google search for that particular topic, which automatically give a boost to the traffic for the website.

People are misstating the question  "Will G+ beat Facebook?". It's not about one site taking over another. Google+ has a better and greater role. The reason why Google calls it Google plus is that Google+ will become the central point of Google's whole identity.
So what do think you my friends? I'm lonely in G+ . Why don't you come and join me? Add me below. Hover your mouse over Add to circle.

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