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Turn your blog visitors into your facebook fan or twitter follower - brought to you by Likeboostr.

Hi guys , do you want to boosts your Facebook fans or Twitter or Google plus followers?
If you have a website or a blog, it is a must to have a good number of followers from the social  networking sites where most traffic are supposed to come. You might have kept a fan box, follow button or like button on your sidebars or elsewhere but most of the ungrateful readers left unnoticed  after they've enjoyed or benefited the piece of knowledge you've shared. Blogging is not an easy task. It takes hard work and dedication by sitting for hours and thinking, which after all you're going to share it for free to the masses. So, at least you want a piece of appreciation in the form of like or comment, right?

Well, there is a way to hide the resource from the seeker/reader. Until they "like" your page it's going to locked it. While surfing on the net , I stumbled upon a cool web application, I have experimented it and it works fine. Don't worry about the load time.With likeboostr, you can also locked a particular link, content or a video regardless of the whole webpage. This is really very useful when you want a particular link/content/video to be access only by your fans or followers. With Likeboostr, you can also view the stats, history,...and much more. All you need to do is to install a small piece of code into your website(template). Just go to  > Login with your facebook account > then follow the few simple steps next by next. It should take you a few seconds to complete. Everything is self explanatory.
In case , if you need a little more detailed explanation , just go through the following pictorial explanation.

1. Go to> Click on Login with Facebook account(as shown in pic below).

2. Continue by Clicking NEXT STEP.

3. Adding URL

* Social network: Choose any one of the three given social network which you want your follower(from the dropdown).
* Lock type: Here choose what type of content you want to locked, either the whole website, a particular or a viseo.
* Widget: Choose a default widget with respect to which social network you've choosen above.
* Title : Give your any prefer title.
* URL to like or follow: Enter the url of the page to like or follow. Ex- www.facebook/yourpagename or .
Proceed to NEXT STEP

4. Set preference.

* Like/Follow amount: How many likes/follow you want to generate from likeboostr. Select any number.
* Geotraffic:  Set the geo(country) location where you want to gather fans/followers. The locker will  locked only to this specific location. You can can all countries if you want.
Proceed NEXT STEP.

5. Get the code.

Copy this piece of code and paste it in your template, just above </body> tag.
Then , Save the template . You are done.

You can uninstalled or removed this widget at anytime if you don't find it comfortable. Just delete the piece of code you have just inserted in your template. You can also removed it by login into your likeboostr account>widget > Checked the last Checkbox> Save.

Facebook attracts mobile users in India with free talktime credits

It has been reported that Facebook India is currently holding a promotion offering free talktime credit of 50 INR for signing up via mobile phone. The social networking giant is also offering the same credit to the referrer  under which a new user is being sign up. Once a user signs up in this manner , the free talktime will be credited within three days of sign up. If by chance , the talktime is not credited the same user can email them at . . This sounds great for some, although the news has not been official confirmed.

In order to avail this opportunity the new user has to sign via mobile phone with the mobile number mandatory as registration details. Only the mobile number which has not been registered before,  will get this benefit . Signing up to Facebook with your mobile is so simple that you don't even need to provide email id. Once you submit the registration detail , you will get instant confirmation code via sms to your inbox. Signing up via mobile is not always necessary if you don't have a gprs enabled handset . Just go to this link using your PC or laptop and you are ready for sign up.
* Make sure you type the URL as  .

 This promotion seems to excite quite a number of new users and even the existing user as signing would benefit them with free credit. Well, also on the other hand it is not that the company are not concern about arising fake profiles out of this promotion. They knew it, though it is all about marketing strategies.. It can be noted that Facebook has already crossed 1 billion active users.

Why would they offer such promotion?  Well there are valid reasons and they knew it very well what they are doing. First of all this is one of their masterminding Marketing strategy .  They look each and every corner to market and expand their business. During recent analysis Facebook rose on reports of Mobile-advertising gains . Nearly 20% new Facebook fans come from mobile users alone . At present mobile users in India rose to 929.37 million subscribers. Besides ,Facebook users in India is still quite low as compare to some other parts of the world. This could be the good way of expanding their number .

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Whose facebook profile is associated with this mobile number?

Now-a-days , as Facebook has become an immensely popular social networking site , I suppose almost 80% of the world population must be using Facebook(pardon me if  I am too much) particularly among the youngsters. Facebook can be access from almost any mobile with basic gprs facility. At the same time Mobile phone is also another thing which young people cannot stay a sec without it. People become so indebted with social networking sites that they cannot stay without login it every minute, every hour. It becomes indispensable , thus making a part of life.
Facebook makes it easy registration even from a "basic gprs enabled handset" with few registration details along with a mobile number . It gives a hassle-free to sign up even without an email ID. Thus most people used this way of signing up to Facebook(Particularly youngsters) .
And even if one would have sign up providing email IDs, there is a chance that they surely add their mobile number in their profile information... In this or the other way , you made your mobile number associated with your profile.
Yes ,privacy can be set up so that only you or your friends can  access your contact details. This is all about within Facebook.

However, say you want to find out someone's mobile number with whose Facebook profile is associated with. Then , no worry here's the way ,as Indian security researcher Suriya Prakash discovered recently. This could be boon in some way for telemarketers, hackers or spammers. Or you can used it in your own benefited way.

*Prakash found  that this was true for the desktop version of Facebook, but not the mobile one.

Here is how you do .

1. Log into Facebook on a desktop browser.

2. copy this URL and paste it into the address bar:

3. Then substitute the number string 1234567890 with the desired mobile number and hit "Enter."

(Be sure to include the country code prefix — "1" for the U.S. and Canada, "91" for India, "44" for Britain, "33" France and so on..)

If your Facebook friend's number or a particular mobile number  has listed on their Facebook profile,
or if he's got a Facebook app on his smartphone, it'll show right up.  In many cases, it works for "friends of friends" and for total strangers. See the below snap

Why? As Prakash found, the default Facebook privacy setting for "Who can look you up using the email address or phone number you provided?" is "Everyone."

(To see it yourself, click on the downward facing arrow next to the "Home" button in the upper-right corner of your Facebook page, then click "Edit Settings" next to "How You Connect.")

As contacted by TechNewsDaily, a Facebook representative said this was a feature, not a flaw.

"The ability to search for a person by phone number is intentional behavior and not a bug in Facebook," the representative wrote in an email.

Best traffic and seo techniques -Simple yet effective.

In this article  , you 'll learn (realized) how to drive maximum traffics to your blog; and how to stand on first of first page of the search engine , by applying few simple tricks.
Today, after a long gap I am feeding this blog again to avoid being starved. And I am sharing this delicious food with you, my friends. These tips are especially for blogger blog. I hope you like it.

I had not even heard or knew "what is SEO" in the beginning when I joined blogger. As time pass I learn many things about the virtual world, particularly in blogging, their importance, how they earn money, how they connect with people, client , customers, how they market, what techniques they developed and so on..

There is a saying, "Content is King". That's right. So, maintaining quality content is the first and utmost priority before you proceed anything . Well , forgetting this and coming to our topic let's see the following few points.

  •  Always use <h> tag for post heading and sub-heading. You can use h2 tag (if not h1)for post heading ,i.e post title.

  •  Always write the post title with appropriate keywords and expression. Write it in the way someone has to type it in the search query.

  •  Do not write unnecessary introduction, especially at the beginning of your story. The first two to three lines should be relevant to the topic. And this 2-3 lines should describe the meaning of the post title. Why? Because search results shows only the post title and the first few lines of the content. Some readers,if not all, always read the first few description that is displayed below the post title. If the description doesn't seem relevant to the info he/she is searching for, he may just skip away. If so what's the point standing on the first page of the search engine. For instance, among the below(pic) search result, i'll simply skip the rest and click the third one.

  • Switch your default blogger profile with to Google+ Profile. Doing so you can have better sharing of your articles on Google+ with friends , followers and even public as a whole. Posting/sharing your articles on Google+ will also enhance better search returned on Google search engine.
Not only this benefit, but also your profile photo will display along with the post title, on search result. Seeing the author photo along with the post title, the reader believed the originality and relevant info to what he is searching for.

  • Connect your blog with your Google+ Page. Connecting your blog with Google+ Page will prompt automatic post every time you published a new post. What is more interesting in this that you can also simply check a checkbox to auto email the post to all your friends on your Google+ Circle. Thus delivering your post right to their inbox, even who have not subscribe to your blog.

  •  Enable automatic post to twitter every time you published a new post. To do this , you need to go to your feedburner account and add your twitter username. To see the detailed steps please refer this link . Thus another way of bringing traffic from twitter users.

* Once you have set up this operation take a 2 min again to connect your twitter account with facebook profile(Point no.7 below) .Doing this will automatically post your blog post right from your blog(as you hit published) to twitter and from twitter to facebook(all automatic).

  •   Connect your Facebook Page with twitter. Doing this will perform automatic share(tweet) to tweeter, of whatever you share on Facebook Page.
Also connect your Facebook profile with your twitter account. Doing this will perform automatic post to twitter of whatever you shared on Facebook and vice-versa.

All your friends and followers may not be on the same platform, Facebook or twitter..However, by now after you have connected your accounts, there is no more a problem for that and you don't have to do the hassle work any more logging each account.

  •  Join blogging forums like . You will meet hundreds and thousands of bloggers having similar taste and interest with you, who are always ready to share, help and connect with you. Not only the friends you'll get , but also surely you'll get tremendous traffic from these forums.

You don't need to have good technical knowledge on SEO . Standing on the first page of the search engine comes natural if you follow these eight points. 
You can also submit your blog url to site directories like Bing, Google webmaster, Yahoo, etc.

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