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Gender: Male
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Occupation: student
Location: Bangalore  Karnataka, India.

About Me:
Dear visitors , I am grateful that you have time to check out my blog. I am Kakaru Koireng,a bachelor student from bangalore ,and originated from a small state in the north-east region of India. I dont have a particular aim about this blog, however I do blog about my ideas ,my views and thinking about day to day life. I love browsing ,chatting and hanging out with friends apart from sporting,trekking and adventure.
This is a recently launched unprejudiced blog. The posts are not particularl about a single niche. I use the blog as a platform to publish my random thoughts and learning. I generally writes about social media, politics ,lifestyle, modern day2day changes and all about my views and thinking. 

**No part of any content is meant to be hurt the sentiment of the readers.If any post or contents is found inappropriate or misinterpret ,do feel free to make me understand.

You can contact or reach me at the contact details given in the tab "Contacts".

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