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The North-East India is composed of seven states in the northeastern hilly region of India. These 7 hilly states has been long forgotten by the central government and its people mainly due to its cultural and geographical barriers. Despite this fact, the people living in the region has been living  together with peace, harmony under unique culture , food, habitats and beautiful environment. 

It is an unexplored paradise with so much to be discovered and understood. The region possess a very unique and rich culture, heritage and environment which attracts largely unique flora and fauna in the region ....

Like everyone else, It also disheartened that the only news which mainstream media very often promotes about the region, is insurgency and violence, rather than promoting its rich culture, hospitality and it’s true beauty. In the process, such negative publicity has been portraying the region in a negative light and in fact, it has been turning away potential tourists and well-wishers of the region.

Thus , in order to showcase all the distinctive natures and blessings of the region, the said portal ( has been created that will bridged the gap between the reality of this wonderous region and the general perception of the world at large. The region has so much to share with the world like it’s   rich culture, unique tourist destinations, abundance of talent, it’s people and their lifestyle. Everyday there is so much happening back home, and we have seen an explosive growth in inquires seeking information on Tourism, cultures, festivals and logistics of travel etc. But sadly, no online magazine or website has come forward to provide a comprehensive and authentic coverage of this region.

Today, the region is witnessing an explosion of activity and awareness that is highlighting this once remote region, with ever increasing speed and bringing it to the notice of the rest of the nation and also to the world.

Their objective behind this portal includes the following list :

  • To globally create online awareness about the northeastern region and its people .
  • To offer creative opportunities to upcoming writers, photographers, athletics,  designers and artists to   use this unique land and it’s beauty to expose the true nature of this land to the world.
  • To involve  the youth in understanding and thus helping in  the preservation of indigenous art, culture      and heritage of the northeastern  states.
  •  To encourage young people in participating and collaborating in forums and discussions dealing with cross cultural views.
  •  Instant direct online access to visitors to learn more about the region
  • Pointing out online participation advantages:  more engaging and more compelling.—thus more rewarding and fulfilling to the participants.
  • To offer the possibility of adding interactive content such as audio and video. This will add to the pleasure of using the audio-visual aids , thus imparting a more comprehensive understanding of various issues.
Visit the website , and a little encouragement would help them a lot. :)

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