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Most important and useful Keyboard shortcuts !!!

Useful keyboard shortcuts..Please make use of it to save time and money.

Using keyboard shortcuts helps you to work faster and efficiently. This means that you don't have to keep your other hand busy handling the mouse all the time. Some of the most important shortcuts are listed below. Please make use of it. It will help you to work with ease and utmost efficiency without much handling the mouse.

  • ALT is used to point to the active window menus ( File, Edit, Tools, etc)
  • ALT + CTRL + DEL is used to show Windows task manager.
  • ALT + F4 is used to close the active window/program.
  • ALT + Tab is used to switch between the active items, tabs or sheets.
  • ALT + Print Screen is used to take a snapshot of the active screen.
  • ALT + Space + M is used to move the active window. (The Window should not be in maximized position).
  • ALT + Space + N is used to minimize the active window.
  • CTRL + A is used to select the all documents, text or items.
  • CTRL + B is used to make the text bold.
  • CTRL + C is used to copy the file/text.
  • CTRL + F is used to find a character/a word/a line in a document.
  • CTRL + P is used to Print a document.
  • CTRL + S is to save/save changes.
  • CTRL + I is used to write the text in italic mode.
  • CTRL + U is used to underline the text.
  • CTRL + V is used to paste the copied file/text.
  • CTRL + X is used to cut the file/text.
  • CTRL + Y is used for REDO (brings back what you undid by mistake).
  • CTRL + Z is used to undo the last command.
  • CTRL + Tab is used to switch between tabs in your browser . For example in your internet browser, you have opened lots of tabs & if you want to operate the tabs without the help of mouse then this shortcut is very useful.
  • CTRL + N is used to open/re-open the last/recently closed tabs of your browser. This is very useful when you accidentally closed a window/tab.
  • CTRL + Delete is used to delete the entire texts  instead of letter by letter.
  • F1 key is used to display the help window.
  • F3 key is used to search a file or folder.

  • Shift + Delete is used to permanently delete the selected item.
  • Shift + Home is used to select a whole line of texts , provided the cursor is at the end of the sentence to which you wanr to select.
  • Window + D is used to display the desktop.
  • Window + L is used to lock the keyboard.
  • Window + R is used to open the Run Dialog Box.
  • Window + U is used to open the utility manager.
  • Windows key + E is used to open MYCOMPUTER directly.
  • For mouse Right_Click using keyboard, use the KEY just next to right side CTRL key.
  • And many more missing shortcuts are there. If you know give a comment :-)

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17 September 2012 at 16:39

Hey this is good

25 September 2012 at 13:12

Hi! Interesting! I am going to print this. Very helpful

25 September 2012 at 16:34

Hi Marie Bulatao ,
It's good to know that you find it helpful. I hope you shared it with your friends :-)

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