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Learning the alphabets was always a difficult task for me, from the very begining when the first stage of education came light into my life..I got beatings and scolding ,yet i didn't improved.I got the best tutors,I got the best teachers. Yet nothing of them meant nothing to Me. I'm such a people...Still I'm struggling what to put up in this page so as my readers could be enfluence. I have no tactics and skill for these things..
I may be nothing ,yet I have my own qualities of discipline , trustfullness, positive attitudes. I'm a cool and calm and friendly and smillie :-) . I don't have my aim .But I have strong hope that a day  would come where I could address my fellow beings.
What is blogging ?? I din't have idea when everyone is author of their own,when everyone writes ,when everyone expess ,when everyone tweets.In this case,I have a doubt who is going to be the reader.?? Thinking about this I ask myself why should I start blogging,why should I blog ,who has time to read my writting when everyone is busy to be their own author.
Never mind I came to the conclusion, writing will not take me to success because no one is interested in it,in fact myself::-( So what am I going to do,I have to keep this page alive...Yes there are ways. My inner voice says,"Yes , you can put up the beauty of the nature,you can open the eyes of some people.You can win heart". Wow superb,what is more than that.
Yes coming shortly.This is going to be the most eyeball catching site you have ever wish.
Coming shortly.
Thank you.
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