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Another Hoax Hits Whatsapp Users

WhatsApp has been quick to gain popularity amongst smartphone users while its user base is increasing by the minute every single day. The popularity of the app is largely owing to its facility of providing a free text messaging and multimedia sharing platform for users which they can use for their routine communications. While WhatsApp has emerged as a blessing for those who like to indulge in frequent texting, it also has its own shortcomings. To begin with, there’s the problem of WhatsApp sniffing apps or WhatsApp spy software that can be used to spy on WhatsApp conversations with the utmost ease. As if these problems are not enough, WhatsApp users are also bombarded with hoax messages time and again. Let’s take a look at the latest hoax that WhatsApp users had to face only recently…

A Fake Update :
December 2012 saw WhatsApp users receiving a fake update in the form of a message which
 states that WhatsApp would be charging its customers from 2013 onwards for the use of its services. As bad news as it was, the purpose of the message itself was to have a viral affect amongst users as it asked recipients to forward the message to ten other users in order to exempt themselves from the proposed charges that were to be implemented in the near future. The hoax message contained a code to appear more believable and promised users that an activation code from WhatsApp would be sent to them as long as their forwarded message was read by ten recipients. Upon entering that WhatsApp code, users were supposed to be relieved of any charges imposed thereafter by WhatsApp for the use of its services. It came as no surprise when the whole forwarding ritual bore no fruit for users despite of being forward repeatedly to multiple users; not to forget, no charges have been imposed by WhatsApp at all up till now and there are no signs of it happening any time soon in the near future.

The Impact :
This is not the first time that such a message has been seen to surface in the WhatsApp community. Users have earlier faced similar circumstances while being targeted by messages promising new updates of WhatsApp if they were forwarded to a specific number of people; despite all this, quite a large number of people still fell victim to the prank. Having gone viral, the message caused some great amount of exasperation and frustration amongst users who then turned to social media websites such as the likes of Twitter and Facebook in order to vent out their anger. Most complained of how time consuming such messages were while many were seen thanking their lucky stars for not being targeted by such hoax. However, it is not only the nasty minds that are to be blamed for this shenanigan. A blog post was published while the whole activity was at its peak which clearly served to clarify any doubts regarding the message, declaring it a hoax.

Author Bio:
Natalia David writes about smartphones as a part of her daily cathartic cycle. Between juggling various professional interests, she writes articles on whatsapp spy and all sorts of helpful gadgets for daily use. For details please visit mobistealth site. You can follow her twitter @NataliaDavid4.

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